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The 2019 JoCoAlbMo Albums

JoCoAlbMo Reg. #: 2019.0001

"All A Game"
(working title) by
Joseph Mancuso

New Jersey, USA

After long deliberation, i decided to go light-hearted this year: an album of tracks each inspired by a classic and/or memorable video game from my youth. For some, i plan to use metaphor or narrowed focus to make the track content more like a "normal" song, perhaps even obfuscating the game itself. (I look forward to having fun with how that turns out.) In terms of production and accessibility, i think i'd like to continue to push the envelope from last year's challenge and move another step closer to a professional-sounding record. For me, this likely means simplifying my instrumentation, so this year's focus may lean heavily toward my over-two-decade-old songwriting roots of just vocals and acoustic guitar with minimal additional instruments.

JoCoAlbMo Reg. #: 2019.0002

"This and That"
(working title) by
An Unusual Suspect


Songs I've written over the years that I don't want to lose . .

JoCoAlbMo Reg. #: 2019.0003

"Il Pinguino"
(working title) by
Gumpy White Girls


My niece and I have decided that we are going to collect a series of eclectic pieces of audio art. We will write and perform songs and poetry and combine it all as a tribute to the value there is in being inherently eclectic. Because we both fully believe the world is not just one kind of beautiful.

JoCoAlbMo Reg. #: 2019.0004

"My Very Educated Mother"
(working title) by
Jeff Rogers

-S-u-n-n-y- Rainy California

A celebration of the solar system.

JoCoAlbMo Reg. #: 2019.0005

(working title) by

New Jersey, USA


JoCoAlbMo Reg. #: 2019.0006

"Blue Screen of Death"
(working title) by
M. Joseph Brennan

Cary, NC

No clue yet, will be brainstorming throughout the week.

JoCoAlbMo Reg. #: 2019.0007

"Leave No Trace"
(working title) by
Fear of Blushing


The subjectivity of interior experience vs. the objectivity of death, taxes, and rent.

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